Tuzig offers two kinds of service:

Just Code

Benny will use his craft to commit Python and JavaScript code. We are most experienced with Django and AngularJS and we're happy to learn new tools. The client is expected to maintain a well organized Kanaban to ease communications.

Building a Fire

Benny will lead a software project and deliver a few iterations.

Reading power plant in Tel Aviv The client needs to provide a short product description and introductions to its stakeholders. We start by meeting the stakeholders, writing a spec, get stakeholders' approval, design the software architecture and UI, write the tests, code and documentation and manage the entire cycle.

While Benny can do it all by himself, we prefer to work with in-house specialists tapping into their knowledge and ensuring a smooth transition as we phase out.

Engagement Log


Before Tuzig, there was Shunra Software LTD a bootstrap company Benny co-founded and led as CEO in its first 7 years. Now part of HP, Shunra's first product was released in Mid 1998 - a WAN emulator called "The Cloud". Here is Shunra's site from back then.

If you're interested please send Benny an email at bennydaon at gmail dot com.