Tuzig sells Benny's working days for periods of 3-13 months. Benny like to spend the better part of his time coding in pyhton. For the rest of the time Benny likes to talk to people to better understand your system, map the pains and techincal debt and come up with ideas on how to clear it.

Engagement Log

Benny is currently engaged with good people of Otonomo, helping them improve code quality by adding a new layer of test automation. In the past We've worked with:


Before Tuzig, there was Shunra Software LTD a bootstrap company Benny co-founded and led as CEO in its first 7 years. Now part of HP Microfocus. Shunra's first product was released in Mid 1998 - a WAN emulator called "The Cloud". Here is Shunra's site from back then.