Planning Game on a Pool Table

Wed 14 April 2010

I'm just back from a great Open Knesset meetup. There were seven of us, a pool table and lots of free goldstar beer (thanks to amir from goldstar) in the "Rosa Parks". It was great fun.

We came to play with planning. Our project, Open-Knesset, needs focus and the game delivered. We started with the wiki definition, the ideas of AgileZen and a pool table.

As the game progressed the table filled with cards. Well, the left side did, the right was left empty, opening room for empty thoughts.We decided to split: keep what's critical above the stick and what's important below it.

We left the table when we had our prime objective: Make our user go wow! and how to do it - serving a page that renders a glance at a Knesset Member. We cleared the table and focused on the information displayed on the member's page. At that time, someone wanted to play pool, so we moved to a side table, opened one laptop with balsamiq and wireframed the page.

I had no idea it would end there, a pleasant surprise.

Thanks to:

  • the ppl of the "Rosa Parks" for the place the service and the food
  • Amir from Goldstar for the free beer
  • The Great Maker