Thank you to all Github founders and their families

Tue 18 March 2014

I guess things aren’t that simple and easy at github at the moment. I’m watching it all from over 7,000 miles away and I believe I can feel the founders’ and their families pains.

While we all want rapid growth, we tend to forget that growing at a ridiculous speed is impossible to manage. Some are lucky, and become the billion-users-behemoth while most have a tougher ride. It is like riding a crazy five years roller coaster enabling you to develop property worth over $100MM.

Personally, it’s very stressful to be a founder at such an endeavor. It changes your live. It makes your family and friends look at you differently, re-labeling you and taking you out of context. You find yourself in a new place and it’s very stressful. As Newman said: “the mail never stops coming”.

I guess it’s even more stressful for the spouses. Being at the passenger seat of this wild ride they help with navigation. Sponses role is never formal gut it’s a good thing they are involved. IMO, it’s a good thing for a founder to be able to talk to their spouses and listen to their advice.

I was sorry to read the latest posts coming from github and I want to thank all github founders and their families for a great service to me and to the open source community.

Social Coding FTW!