Welcome to Tuzig

Tuzig (Picnic in Hebrew) is a software workshop developed by and for free-lanceing coders who believe in open source software and diverse communities. We work with people from organizations that rely on top-notch software to succeed and make the world a little better.

Working with Benny for the last year has brought back my faith in developers who understand product. Apart from the coding part, in which he excels, it was a sheer pleasure getting hammered on the head by him, with product insights I've missed. Benny is fully dedicated to our project and brings to the table levels of energy that every workplace wants.

(Nurit Gazit, Chief Digital Officier, The Museum of the Jewish People)


Benny Daon

Hi. I'm Benny from Tel-Aviv, father to Noya(13) and Daniella(7) and married to Libby. I've been a co-founder and CEO of Shunrai Software, where we pioneered WAN Emulation with our tools, 'The Cloud' (1998) and 'Storm'. I've managed Shunra for 7 years keep cash flow positive and growing fast and discovered coding is much more fun than managing.

I am Tuzig's founder, owner and garbage collector. I've coded in Basic, 6502, Pl/1, Cobol, Fortran, Turbo Pascal, Pl/1, Ada, Fortran, C, C++, Java, javascript and python which is the best. I've been coding and adminstrating nix machines since 1990 and I grok Linux or at least its user face.

Currently free-lancing for matific, developing the core of a massive Django project connecting students and teachers to casual math games.

Alon Levy

Meir Kriheli

I've known Benny for over 20 years and he is one of the best coders out there. He groks the coding craft and the agile development process. He is also a leader, one who prefers to lead from the bottom, connecting with his peers and users to ensure the team is developing the right product together.

(Yaron Segev, XtremIO Founder)