Automated Acceptance Testing Procedure (AATP)


Software moves fast and ensuring service level agreement and user satisfaction can be challenging. This engagement is designed to meet these challenges head-on, developing a stable automation infrastructure to function as a gatekeeper preeventing bugs from reaching production and finding them before they are merged.


A tailor-made well-documented test automation infrastructure that aligns with your specific infrastructure and requirements. This infrastructure will be programmed to run black box tests on CI pipeline and provide a stable development environment. Batteries included:

  • Simple bash scripts to run the tests
  • Docker compose to setup the virtual lab
  • Playwright to run the tests
  • WireMock to mock external services
  • MailHog to capture and inspect emails
  • Custom mocks that emulate the environment required by the component under test
  • End-to-end testing suite that covers the happy flow of the application
  • Comprehensive documentation and training
  • Mentoring a team member to maintain and extend the infrastructure


  • Reduce the number of bugs reaching production
  • Increase the confidence in the codebase
  • Eliminate the need for manual testing
  • Foster a culture of quality and innovation
  • Empower your team with new skills and knowledge

Implementation Plan

The roll-out of the Automated Acceptance Testing Procedure will be phased as follows:

  1. Requirements Gathering: Interview developers, testers and stakeholders to define and document infrastructure’s usage scenarios
  2. Design & Architect: Design the automation infrastructure to serve as gatekeeper based on your technology stack and scenarios
  3. Happy flow testing suite: A simple happy flow test suite to test the infrastructure
  4. Setup the virtual lab: Add the scripts, configuration files and directory tree that emulate the environment required by the component under test and runs the tests
  5. CI Integration: Integrate the happy flow test suite into your CI pipeline to ensure only tested code is merged
  6. Training: Provide comprehensive training and documentation for the team to smooth adoption

If you ready or think you’re ready for this quest let’s talk.